Purpose & Principles


Our visionĀ is to be a vibrant, expanding church community, empowering people to impact their world.


In everything we will endeavor to be God centered, and will highly value:


  • Prayer. Recognising our need for an intimate relationship with God.
  • Life Changing Teaching. Teaching the Bible to bring transformation in the lives of individuals and the church.
  • God Honouring Worship. Lifting up Jesus and giving freedom to the Holy Spirit.
  • Intentional Outreach. Influencing our community for good and reaching it through evangelism.
  • Spiritual Growth. Bringing disciples to maturity to serve God and others.
  • Biblical Relationships. Demonstrating our love for God in the way we relate to each other.
  • Functional Excellence. Seeking to honour God in every area by offering him our best.
  • Future Looking. Facing the future boldly and moving forward with faith.