Welcome to one2one, it’s a privilege to have you join us on what we know will be a fantastic journey for you. one2one is all about one person helping someone new to connect in a greater way to God and His church.

If you are a new Christian, one2one provides you with a friend who can show you the ropes of starting the life changing journey of a relationship with Jesus. Or, if you’re already in a relationship with Jesus but new to WBC, one2one provides the opportunity to meet great people and have someone walk beside you while you’re settling in. That someone might be a person who perhaps has similar interests as yourself or is of a similar age or lives locally to you, we like to call them a one2one Connector. They will be there to help you build your relationship with God and His church.

For those of you already well established in your faith and church, we’d love to encourage you to take the step of becoming a one2one Connector. There’s no greater privilege of sharing the journey with someone who is new to church and Christianity and seeing them discovering a relationship with Jesus in a greater way.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet a one2one Connector, or would like to start the journey of being a one2one Connector, or just have any questions about one2one please contact or talk to one of the pastoral staff.

To find out more contact:

Teacher Pastor