Our Team 

Our Team

Our Leadership Approach …

Since 2007 we have had a team model of church leadership. Instead of a Senior Pastor, we have a Core Leadership Group that work together as a team to provide leadership for the whole church. Individually the team also have responsibilities for particular ministry areas of the church life.

Wider Ministry Leaders

This team includes our Core Leadership Group and other leaders, who individually have responsibility for key ministry areas of our church life.


The Elders work closely with the CLG, and Elders and CLG together provide the key leadership for the church.  Elders are responsible for the spiritual oversight and legal governance of the church, and carry out this responsibility in three ways:

Overview – ‘finger on the pulse, and ear on the Father’s heart
Review – prayerful and strategic review
Care – praying and caring for our CLG members, wider staff, and those in our church community

Elders are active church members who have been nominated from within our congregation. These nominations are submitted to the current Elders and the CLG for prayerful consideration. Then at our AGM, these names are brought to the members to confirm by vote. (Church Membership is a crucial part of our understanding of “Church”, and of the way WBC functions.  If you want to find out about church membership, talk to one of our pastors.)

Elders are elected for a two-year term.

Office Staff

Our office staff provides administrative support services for our ministries and leadership at WBC.