CYC Trust

About CYC

  • Strengthening Youth
  • Empowering Families
  • Building Community

Coast Youth Community Trust is a charitable entity established with the vision of working with and implementing key strategies to positively affect the lives of youth and families in Rodney.

There are many social/health related issues affecting young people today. These include driving behaviors, drug use, sexual health issues, mental health problems, and violence. In addition society trends towards more time spent in sedentary activities, such as TV watching and computer use, appear to be displacing time youth spend being active and connected to their wider community. Adolescents need to take risks as part of their development. With decreased opportunities to do this, and greater time spent isolated, an increased proportion of youth are meeting these risk needs by engaging in harmful behaviours, both to themselves and their wider community.

CYC operates to reduce these risk factors by enabling youth and families to participate and be connected with their wider community through:

  • 24-7 Youth Work
  • Adventure based activities
  • Camps
  • Family and parenting support
  • Youth Liaison (Local Hibiscus / Bays Board partnership)
  • Mentoring

CYC’s objective is to provide leadership, direction and management of resources which will enable the Trust to provide quality nurture, support, mentoring, training and assistance to young people, their caregivers and families. All initiatives are positive in emphasis, relational in nature and help young people increase connections to their families, friends, school and wider community. We strive to reduce at risk behaviors by building resiliency factors and seeing young people understand and live in their absolute value & potential.

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