Easter Camp 2024

We are stoked to be heading to Easter Camp together again for 2024! Please see the details in the graphic on how to secure your spot!

Prices have increased slightly for Easter Camp from last year so we have worked hard to keep the WBC portion (cover tents, marquee and transport) to a minimum. We have managed to reduce it by $20 this year and hope this will make it more achievable for you. If you need some support getting to camp, please fill out the form below letting us know what you are able to contribute and we will attempt to find sponsorship to assist. We will be reviewing these on a first in first served basis. So please let us know ASAP. We are unable to confirm for certain if sponsorship is available until we know the needs and have had time to explore sponsorship options. 

We can’t wait! Please don’t hesitate to email hannah@wbc.org.nz if you have any questions.