The Teen Brain

We are excited to be hosting ‘Teen Brain’, an event with well-known neuroscience educator, Nathan Wallis. Tues 5th March, 7.30pm – 9pm, WBC, now live: tickets can be purchased here.

Nathan Wallis is a father of three and foster parent with a professional background in child counselling, teaching, and social service management. He has developed a reputation as a lively and engaging speaker who uses humour and plain language to make this complex topic come to life.

During adolescence, part of your teenage brain “shuts for renovations”. This is the part of the brain responsible for controlling your teenager’s moods, for understanding consequences and for thinking about the well-being of others.

So whilst you can’t expect teens to be able to display these behaviours consistently during adolescence, there are ways that you can enhance and maximise the times when they can. Understanding the changes that are taking place for your teen will help you to navigate successfully these important and formative years.