What’s On

Coming up at WBC

Worship, Prayer and Ministry Night

Do you love to Worship? On Thursday 29th September at 7.30pm here at WBC, we are having a special Worship, Prayer and Ministry Night. We will meet in the Auditorium, and our worship teams will combine to bring us a night connecting with our Creator. Hope to see you there!

Bible Study – Gospel of John

Do you want to study scripture in a way not only to understand but hear from God? On Tuesday nights, between 6.30pm and 8pm, we will look at what the Gospel of John reveals about Jesus Christ. This is not a sermon space but a place where we will learn and grow together.

Prayer Space

Do you need prayer, does someone you love need prayer, or do you want to take some time out every week to spend 30 minutes hearing from God? Join Olga on Tuesday nights at 6pm in the WBC Café.

Tuesday Connect@10

Come along for morning tea and connection. Hope to see you there!