WBC Safe Church Policy

WBC is committed to having physical, emotional, and spiritual interactions and spaces that are safe for everyone.

Our commitment to you

We will

  • act on concerns raised regarding people’s well-being
  • treat you with respect and fairness
  • be clear and timely in our communications
  • work with the authorities in any situation of abuse
  • always comply with NZ law

If there is anything that causes you concern, you can contact us by emailing us at confidential@wbc.org.nz. Your email will be seen by one of our Pastoral Team.

Serious & Confidential Concerns

We take all matters of abuse extremely seriously. We are committed to providing a caring and appropriate response, should any suspicion, allegation, disclosure, or complaint of misconduct or abuse occur.

If the matter is serious or sensitive, you can email us at confidential@wbc.org.nz This will be addressed in confidence by our Pastoral Leadership Team in consultation with our Elders.

Reporting abuse

If you feel that your concern needs to be addressed externally to the WBC Pastoral Team and Eldership, please go to https://baptist.nz/resources/complaints/. The goal of our Baptist regional and national leadership is to serve our local churches in the area of complaints, disclosures or allegations of misconduct, so that collectively, the Baptist Churches of New Zealand can ensure that our people and our places are safe.  

06 July 2023